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94% Westworld: Season 2 (TV, 2018) "It's 50 percent better when it takes itself 25 percent less seriously. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Apr 18, 2018
100% House: Season 1 (TV, 2004-2005) "Laurie, a British actor known for playing comic twits, transforms flawlessly into an American jerk. " ‐ TIME Magazine
Posted Apr 11, 2018
83% The Last O.G.: Season 1 (TV, 2018) "Mr. Morgan delivers a rich performance. He still has the blustery bravado he showed on 30 Rock, but he's slowed a few beats, which helps him pull off the bittersweet aspects of the role. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Apr 2, 2018
98% The Americans: Season 6 (TV, 2018) "The history itself is no spoiler; we know how the Cold War played out. But The Americans understands history as more than the record of which nations rise and fall. It's also the story of individual people for whom life goes on, or doesn't. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Mar 27, 2018
78% Roseanne: Season 10 (TV, 2018) "Roseanne is a revival that's willing to grapple with the time that's passed rather than deny it. It's feisty and funny and a little sad. And like that old couch you can't throw out, it may just have a good year or two left in it. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Mar 26, 2018
98% Barry: Season 1 (TV, 2018) "You don't expect this comedy to find its target in the way it does. And as Barry could tell you, that element of surprise is the mark of a professional. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Mar 23, 2018
68% Prison Break: Season 1 (TV, 2005-2006) "In its confident debut, Break shows that implausibility can be, well, captivating. " ‐ TIME Magazine
Posted Mar 21, 2018
90% Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Season 1 (TV, 2014) "It might well have been called The Weekly Show With John Oliver-an extra, weekend-magazine-length version of what fans have enjoyed on Comedy Central for years. That is, of course, not a bad thing at all. " ‐ TIME Magazine
Posted Mar 15, 2018
58% Rise: Season 1 (TV, 2017) "Mr. Radnor is not convincing -- or he is, but in the wrong ways. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Mar 12, 2018
83% Lost: Season 6 (TV, 2009-2010) "The finale, as good TV finales do, captured what the show's essence. " ‐ TIME Magazine
Posted Mar 6, 2018
61% Carniv├ále: Season 1 (TV, 2003) "Carnivale's myth and Manichaeism may lure viewers inside the tent, but weirdness is merely a dime-store novelty. Capturing the ambiguities of life and of people is still the most elusive magic of all. " ‐ TIME Magazine
Posted Mar 5, 2018
99% Atlanta: Robbin' Season (TV, 2018) ""Robbin' Season" is so good, it's almost criminal. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Feb 28, 2018
62% Good Girls: Season 1 (TV, 2018) "As enjoyable as Good Girls often is, is that it seems unsure how serious it is about being a crime story. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Feb 25, 2018
77% Seven Seconds: Season 1 (TV, 2018) "There's a purity of dark vision driving the series, if you're willing to take it without sweetener. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Feb 22, 2018
30% Our Cartoon President: Season 1 (TV, 2018) "If you're going to enter this hall of mirrors, you'd better have a distinct, original idea about your subject. "Our Cartoon President," an animated sitcom, seems to have none besides being a cartoon about the president. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Feb 9, 2018
96% Queer Eye: Season 1 (TV, 2018) "Queer Eye deals with the baggage America has accumulated in its closets since 2003. It doesn't look away from the new culture clashes. But for the most part, it wears them lightly. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Feb 7, 2018
100% The Larry Sanders Show: Season 1 (TV, 1992) "But if "Larry Sanders" was ahead of its time, it was also brilliantly of its time, the apogee of late-night TV's heat and influence. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Jan 26, 2018
100% Dirty Money: Season 1 (TV, 2018) "The installments range from an infuriating look at payday lending to an offbeat story about Canadian maple syrup cartels. The common thread is the abuse of trust. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Jan 25, 2018
66% The Alienist: Season 1 (TV, 2018) "The Alienist can be a captivating forensic history... Just don't expect it to show you the serial-killer drama through new eyes. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Jan 21, 2018
97% Black Lightning: Season 1 (TV, 2018) "Mr. Williams has to carry most of the story. Fortunately, he's up to it, inhabiting his character's strength, his burden and his sense of humor in a series that's picked an opportune moment to strike. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Jan 16, 2018
67% Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams: Season 1 (TV, 2017) "But mostly, they play with familiar ideas in conventional high-tech settings: They're futures that seem oddly dated. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Jan 12, 2018
No Score Yet The Office (UK): Christmas Special (TV, 2003) TIME Magazine
Posted Jan 10, 2018
92% grown-ish: Season 1 (TV, 2018) "The most interesting parts of grown-ish suggest there's a distinct show here. It's good-hearted, but with a darker edge, partly owing to the looser language restrictions on cable. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Jan 9, 2018
85% The Chi: Season 1 (TV, 2018) "What emerges as The Chi gets room to breathe is that, while it unfolds from a crime, it's not really a crime story. It's about a widening pool of people who would rather be doing anything besides dealing with the repercussions of a murder. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Jan 4, 2018
89% Battlestar Galactica: Season 4 (TV, 2008-2009) "I don't mean to sound flippant. I kind of like the audacity of a sci-fi series getting this explicitly spiritual in explaining its mythology. " ‐ TIME Magazine
Posted Jan 2, 2018
100% At Home With Amy Sedaris: Season 1 (TV, 2017) "At Home With Amy Sedaris is itself a disturbing and delicious beast, a sendup of TV home shows that draws on Ms. Sedaris's sunshiny comic versatility to explore the dark oddities in the back of the spice cabinet. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Dec 10, 2017
96% The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Season 1 (TV, 2017) "In word and deed, Mrs. Maisel is expansive and expressive. It talks with its hands. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Nov 28, 2017
89% The Pacific: Miniseries (TV, 2010) "... a brutal but eloquent story that's finally less about how men fight and die than what happens to them when they fight and survive. " ‐ TIME Magazine
Posted Nov 22, 2017
88% She's Gotta Have It: Season 1 (TV, 2017) "The 2017 model is more than the sum of its references. More expansive than interior, more defiant than dreamy, it's a vibrant if uneven work in heated conversation with itself. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Nov 22, 2017
50% Shadowhunters: Season 1 (TV, 2016) ""Shadowhunters" has its assets, especially its popular source material. But it might become more fun if it learns to enjoy being the empowerment fantasy it really is. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Nov 20, 2017
58% The Good Doctor: Season 1 (TV, 2017-2018) "While there may be different ways to be good and to express caring, The Good Doctor suggests, it is something worth aspiring to -- an idea that may especially appeal to viewers who have experienced health care as scary, impersonal and alienating. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Nov 12, 2017
77% SMILF: Season 1 (TV, 2017) "SMILF is rough but scrappy, like the street basketball Bridgette plays. It dribbles, it head-fakes, and you never quite know in which direction it will make its next move. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Nov 4, 2017
99% Alias Grace: Miniseries (TV, 2017) "Alias Grace is a story about storytelling -- one character compares Grace with Scheherazade -- which makes Ms. Gadon essential to its success. She is mesmerizing. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Nov 2, 2017
94% Stranger Things: Season 2 (TV, 2017) "It's a still a good time, it's nicely paced at nine episodes and it blends the suspense of '80s horror with the heart of an '80s teen romance. It may be last year's Halloween candy, repackaged. That doesn't mean it can't still be sweet. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Oct 26, 2017
82% Star Trek: Discovery: Chapters 1 & 2 (TV, 2017-2018) "Discovery feels like it's adrift between the adventure-of-the-week format of its network-TV predecessors and the kind of complex serial favored by cable and streaming. It has the trappings of serious pay-TV drama... But they're mostly superficial. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Oct 19, 2017
75% Oasis: Season 1 (TV, 2017) "The Book of Strange New Things, did not seem like the kind of tale that could be adapted to series television. Having seen the pilot based on it, I'm still not sure it can be. But Oasis looks pretty while trying. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Oct 19, 2017
100% Halt and Catch Fire: Season 4 (TV, 2017) "But in its final season, Halt managed to convey a sincere nostalgia for the optimism of the early Web. Those crappy early HTML pages, with their corny cartoons and lists of links, were doors leading to endless other doors. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Oct 14, 2017
96% Mindhunter: Season 1 (TV, 2017) "The series' linking of irrational times and unspeakable acts resonates with today's stories of mass shootings and a widening gyre of chaos in the headlines. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Oct 12, 2017
53% Dynasty: Season 1 (TV, 2017-2018) "For nostalgic fans of the original, this might seem like an unnecessary homage. For the CW's target fan base, born largely after the original went off the air, it's a retread of themes from more exciting soaps. For everyone, it's so far forgettable. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Oct 10, 2017
94% Spielberg "For all its sweep, Spielberg the documentary succeeds most distinctively where Mr. Spielberg the director has: accessing the child in its subject. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Oct 5, 2017
83% Alias: Season 1 (TV, 2001-2002) "Ridiculous, over the top but unashamed, it manages to thrill and win our hearts. " ‐ TIME Magazine
Posted Oct 4, 2017
28% Wisdom of the Crowd: Season 1 (TV, 2017) "It's Uber, but for formulaic drama. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Oct 1, 2017
86% Will & Grace: Season 9 (TV, 2017) "Will & Grace is not exactly necessary, but it's not harming anyone either. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Sep 27, 2017
64% Law & Order: True Crime: The Menendez Murders (TV, 2017) "The result is like a fast-food giant competing with Chipotle by chopping up a hamburger and rolling it in a tortilla. It's got the form, but not the flavor. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Sep 25, 2017
94% Six Feet Under: Season 1 (TV, 2001) "... there's enough under its verdant green surface for Alan Ball to keep on digging. " ‐ TIME Magazine
Posted Sep 22, 2017
93% Arrested Development: Season 2 (TV, 2004-2005) "Whereas most sitcoms are set in that familiar fake world of couches and canned laughter, Arrested Development looks real and spontaneous. " ‐ TIME Magazine
Posted Sep 22, 2017
100% The Good Place: Season 2 (TV, 2017-2018) "The Bad Place version of The Good Place proves it's still able to surprise, while staying rooted in ideas that make it more than the sum of its twists. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Sep 19, 2017
98% The Vietnam War: Miniseries (TV, 2017) "The Vietnam War still holds out hope that we might learn from history, after presenting 18 hours of evidence to the contrary. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Sep 14, 2017
93% The Deuce: Season 1 (TV, 2017) "That macro idea makes The Deuce smart. Its micro detail -- a Studs Terkelesque catalog of the million ways to chase a hustle -- makes it art. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Sep 7, 2017
72% American Horror Story: Cult (TV, 2017) "There's something in the core premise -- a woman's fear that her town is full of hidden enemies and terrors -- that captures something unsettling about the election's aftermath. " ‐ New York Times
Posted Sep 5, 2017
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