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93% Black Mirror: Season 4 (TV, 2016-2017) "This season has also reduced and clarified the themes under the show's microscope, and therefore focused Black Mirror into a more coherent work. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Jan 12, 2018
89% I, Tonya (2018) "But I, Tonya survives those production difficulties due to the Shakespearean stakes of its real-life plot, as polar and duetto as Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, or Al Capone and Bugs Moran. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Dec 6, 2017
57% Murder On The Orient Express (2017) "The painterliness of this new Murder on the Orient Express connects to a principle animating its plot. All Poirot stories hold that the truth is beautiful. But in this story, truth is not the same as certainty. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Nov 8, 2017
96% Mindhunter: Season 1 (TV, 2017) "Mindhunter's exploration of sexism takes on an academic dimension. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Oct 31, 2017
7% The Snowman (2017) "How did a delicious Scandinavian noir novel go so spectacularly wrong on screen? " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Oct 26, 2017
99% BPM (Beats Per Minute) (120 battements par minute) (2017) "In its balance of resistance, agony, and joy, BPM (Beats Per Minute) approaches this subject with the the nuance and empathy it deserves. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Oct 20, 2017
41% The Mountain Between Us (2017) "The Mountain Between Us fails almost exclusively because of Kate Winslet. It's a case of good actress in the wrong film, playing across a good leading man who just doesn't resonate on her frequency. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Oct 12, 2017
88% Will & Grace: Season 9 (TV, 2017) "And so this show comes haunting up out of the past, as if to remind us that we have really gone nowhere over all these years. The faces of Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Megan Mullally, and Sean Hayes haven't changed at all. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Sep 27, 2017
63% Manolo, The Boy Who Made Shoes For Lizards (2017) "The movie is extraordinary for its access to [Manolo] Blahnik, who is arch and funny and sweet beyond words. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Sep 25, 2017
69% mother! (2017) "It's a real widening gyre of a movie, set adrift by the vicissitudes of both theological and cinematic history, with no human center to hold it down. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Sep 21, 2017
85% It (2017) "It is [a] study in trauma to match the best of them. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Sep 12, 2017
98% Trophy (2017) "Trophy is an extraordinary accomplishment, for its nuanced presentation of a very tangled issue but more importantly for its gorgeous, wrenching footage of what happens when an American pays to kill an African animal. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Sep 1, 2017
74% Marvel's The Defenders: Season 1 (TV, 2017) "Unfortunately, the Iron Fist gets so many of the show's most important lines that The Defenders buckles under his weight. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Aug 29, 2017
87% Wind River (2017) "At a deep and icy level, Wind River is about power. . . There's something else going on here, and white masculinity is at its heart. The movie that can wring catharsis out of that will be a long time coming. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Aug 23, 2017
85% Ingrid Goes West (2017) "Like all great movie comedies, it hurts, but it's true. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Aug 16, 2017
No Score Yet Truth and Lies: The Menendez Brothers "As a piece of television, however, one can only repeat the SAT-synonym word-pile Erik Menendez gave when Barbara Walters asked about his relationship with his father: "Brutal. Painful. Torturous." " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Aug 16, 2017
29% King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword (2017) "Ritchie has reached into the medieval quiver of tales for material, but has not imposed the meta-narrative of Western history onto those stories. For this restraint medievalists should be thankful, and the critics should be a little more forgiving. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Aug 15, 2017
76% The OA: Season 1 (TV, 2016) "By juxtaposing Greek thought with a captivity story featuring a pretty blonde woman, The OA achieves a very strange and compelling textural effect. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Aug 15, 2017
84% Detroit (2017) "The violence in Detroit is gratuitous simply because there is so much of it and it is so profoundly repugnant. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Aug 8, 2017
98% Columbus (2017) "As a movie about intimacy Columbus is a masterpiece. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Aug 2, 2017
77% Atomic Blonde (2017) "Atomic Blonde is the proverbial stained-glass window, only made of very bright and unsubtle neon. Unhindered by other pretensions, however, it marks a brilliant new phase in Theron's career. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Jul 27, 2017
59% Will: Miniseries (TV, 2017) "Why not cast Marlowe and Shakespeare and Burbage as handsome anti-heroes? And as long as the jokes keep coming thick and fast Will is, surprisingly, a seriously watchable morsel. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Jul 20, 2017
59% Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge (2017) "A Schubert-esque score and an extremely pretty, dappled cinematography make Marie Curie a compelling portrait of an undeniably important woman. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Jul 20, 2017
49% Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017) "Valerian is funny, gorgeous, and full of the type of mindbending scenarios that remind you of what fantasies are for. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Jul 13, 2017
76% My Cousin Rachel (2017) "It takes at least 15 minutes for Rachel Weisz to appear on screen, but when she does it is a quiet, contained event. Nonetheless, the effect of her face is a payoff akin to an explosion in an action movie. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Jun 22, 2017
100% Dawson City: Frozen Time (2017) "The movie's aesthetic is uniquely beautiful. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Jun 9, 2017
92% Wonder Woman (2017) "Beauty, strength, goodness, bravery: These are your values, and here is how your values must look. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Jun 8, 2017
72% The Wizard of Lies (2017) "The Wizard of Lies is a movie with a terrible name and some mediocre aspects. But great central performances from two icons of the silver screen make it necessary watching. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted May 24, 2017
97% Burden (2017) "Burden does a sterling job. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted May 22, 2017
78% Manifesto (2017) "The production is extraordinary considering the constraints. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted May 10, 2017
82% Risk (2017) "A messier, weirder, and more interesting documentary than Citizenfour, about a messier, weirder, and more persistently relevant man. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted May 5, 2017
92% Obit (2017) "OBIT, the new documentary from director Vanessa Gould, lingers at the newspaper's death-desk to think through the meaning of remembrance, and to show the workday of these uncommon journalists. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Apr 17, 2017
80% Colossal (2017) "The daikaiju genre has survived the test of time for a reason. And it is no great spoiler to say that, later on, a giant robot appears. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Mar 30, 2017
90% Raw (2017) "If you can see past the rain of blood, Raw is a gorgeously moving film about fear and adolescence -- albeit one best viewed on an empty stomach. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Mar 23, 2017
42% A Cure For Wellness (2017) "[The] poor ending felt like a betrayal, since it wrenches A Cure for Wellness fully out of its original genre and into melodrama. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Feb 24, 2017
79% T2 Trainspotting (2017) "Nothing hurts more than nostalgia. If you're prone to that particular emotion, T2 Trainspotting is going to hit you like a pint glass flung carelessly backward off a pub balcony: hard. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Jan 27, 2017
61% Sherlock: Season 4 (TV, 2017) "If Sherlock has anything to offer, though, it must lie in escapism. " ‐ The New Republic
Posted Jan 24, 2017
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