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39% A Wrinkle in Time (2018) "Ava DuVernay's visually imaginative female empowerment movie says love triumphs evil, light trumps darkness and teenage girls who believe they're not good enough can find their strength and beauty. " ‐ Original Cin
Posted Mar 9, 2018
B-minus 36% Nostalgia (2018) "Not exactly a roller coaster ride of a movie, quiet and slow in fact. But a thoughtful story about the power of the possessions we leave behind. " ‐ Original Cin
Posted Mar 1, 2018
C-minus 47% Red Sparrow (2018) "The Russian characters all speak to each other in English with Russian accents that seem to come and go from scene to scene, and the final product bounces from gratuitously nasty to just plain dull. " ‐ Original Cin
Posted Mar 1, 2018
78% Sweet Virginia (2017) "What happens when men of few words are the lead characters in a thriller? In Sweet Virginia, some great actors are left high and dry by a script that doesn't mesh. " ‐ Original Cin
Posted Nov 30, 2017
80% The Man Who Invented Christmas (2017) "It uses the historical facts as a framework for a clever, fantastical story that works on multiple levels. It dives into Dickens' darkest fears and yet stays lively, joyful and family-friendly. " ‐ Original Cin
Posted Nov 24, 2017
84% The Square (2017) "As in his previous film Force Majeure, Ostlund has identified malaises in modern life. And he has layered questions about them, by the way ordinary situations turn absurd " ‐ Original Cin
Posted Nov 3, 2017
67% Wonderstruck (2017) "Wonderstruck feels like an old-fashioned movie with story values from another time. It talks to the audience straight up and treats viewers, young and old, as if they were intelligent beings. " ‐ Original Cin
Posted Oct 27, 2017
8% The Snowman (2017) "The Snowman ruined both snow and Michael Fassbender for me. " ‐ Original Cin
Posted Oct 19, 2017
96% The Florida Project (2017) "These people aren't living the American dream. They're barely making do. But still, The Florida Project suggests that our most precious relationships are held together with some undefinable, beautiful glue. " ‐ Original Cin
Posted Oct 13, 2017
66% Victoria & Abdul (2017) "Abdul's views on British colonialism are practically a blank and that enigma is a flaw in the movie... But it's a beautiful looking costume drama with a dream cast, marked unsurprisingly by another lovely Dame Judi Dench performance. " ‐ Original Cin
Posted Oct 1, 2017
52% Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) "I wasn't expecting a comedy when I went to see Kingsman: The Circle of Gold but a comedy is what I got. And that didn't turn out to be such a bad thing. " ‐ Original Cin
Posted Sep 21, 2017
93% Logan Lucky (2017) "Jimmy's team is like a blue-collar mirror image of the Ocean's crew. But there's more going on here than a story about a bunch of amateurs attempting a complicated robbery. " ‐ Original Cin
Posted Aug 17, 2017
87% Wind River (2017) "Sheridan's characters, aren't by nature transgressive. But, this is the world in which they've found themseves. They're in circumstances that force them to hover over the cracks in the moral universe. " ‐ Original Cin
Posted Aug 13, 2017
91% A Ghost Story (2017) "A Ghost Story doesn't provide answers, but its simplicity and dignity is affecting and quite beautiful. " ‐ Original Cin
Posted Aug 10, 2017
98% The Big Sick (2017) "The Big Sick has a true and beating heart, and it adds up to a sweet and wonderful romance " ‐ Original Cin
Posted Aug 10, 2017
71% Buster's Mal Heart (2017) "Through it all, Rami Malek turns in a fine performance, full of nuance and subtlety. But even that's not enough to fix a movie that doesn't have a clear point. " ‐ Original Cin
Posted Aug 10, 2017
92% Certain Women (2016) "As quiet as Certain Women is, these characters continued to live for me, long, long after the lights came up. " ‐ Original Cin
Posted Aug 10, 2017
71% The Commune (Kollektivet) (2017) "[Thomas] Vinterberg sets up a scenario that begs for subtle depth and then walks away. And so do the characters. " ‐ Original Cin
Posted Aug 10, 2017
69% The Journey (2017) "The message is clear. If these two bitter foes can achieve some kind of common ground, maybe there is hope for the other trouble spots in the world. " ‐ Original Cin
Posted Aug 10, 2017
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