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The Death of Stalin

""Veep" creator Armando Iannucci and his remarkably comedic cast produce some very big laughs, particularly in the early going."

John Urbancich ,Your Movies (


"Just what we need: Another convoluted caper that's more comic book than true comedy, with a low-end performance from Charlize Theron to boot. Even the steady David Oyelowo can't redeem it all."

John Urbancich ,Your Movies (

A Fantastic Woman (Una mujer fantástica)

"This is one aptly named drama, and international superstar-in-the-making Daniela Vega easily becomes the reason why."

John Urbancich ,Your Movies (

Knife Skills

"While the food battle line proves too intense for some (and for all the successes, it's real disheartening to see the few agonizing setbacks), but many end up being served fresh hope with a side of pride."

Elias Savada ,Film International

DeKalb Elementary

"It's a harrowing character piece that examines the unlikely relationship between a calm-under-fire elementary school receptionist (Tarra Riggs) and a mentally-unstable man (Bo Mitchell)..."

Elias Savada ,Film International



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Isle of Dogs
Isle of Dogs

The beautifully stop-motion animated Isle of Dogs finds Wes Anderson at his detail-oriented best while telling one of the director's most winsomely charming stories.

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96% Black Panther 368
73% Ready Player One 323
90% I, Tonya 304
95% Call Me by Your Name 278
91% Phantom Thread 274

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