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Batman & Bill

" It eventually serves as an archetype for anyone who has tried to contribute to a team only to have someone else claim the credit, glory, and rewards that follow in the wake of the team's success."

Kenneth R. Morefield ,Christianity Today


" The film seems at least peripherally aware that what he does to his family is unconscionable, so the pathos comes from the bitter irony of the cost of his new found self-awareness."

Kenneth R. Morefield ,Christianity Today

Paris Can Wait (Bonjour Anne)

"Eleanor Coppola serves it up as nice and light as a sweet French pastry until it finally falls flat in an unfulfilling final act. "

John Urbancich ,Your Movies (

47 Meters Down

"Blame it on the nitrogen narcosis, but this is what summer flicks used to be all about -- small, quick, a little scary and very silly, even if it's not intentional."

John Urbancich ,Your Movies (

King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword

"Sure it's a long way from Tennyson's 'Idylls of the King' to this wild and crazy Guy Ritchie movie. Still, if you simply roll with the director's usual assortment of noisy hooligans, you'll have some fun with it. "

John Urbancich ,Your Movies (



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Snatched has a pair of terrifically talented stars, but their presence isn't enough to compensate for this rote comedy's threadbare plot and scattershot laughs.

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92% Wonder Woman 309
81% Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 298
71% Alien: Covenant 289
66% The Fate of the Furious 232
16% The Mummy 225

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