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The Disaster Artist

"Director and star James Franco simply gets how to make a good film in equal measure to the ineptitude of Tommy Wiseau, whose classically bad movie becomes the subject of this very funny one."

John Urbancich ,Your Movies (

Lady Bird

Ray Pride ,Newcity

Cape Fear

"Tedious remake of a "thriller" that wasn't that thrilling to begin with"

Brian Mckay ,


"Chadwick Bozeman excels again in his third biopic in four years, this time the tamely named 'Marshall.' Though 'Thurgood' might have been a wiser title, more than a few entertaining and important moments remain in an occasionally uneven telling."

John Urbancich ,Your Movies (

Ingrid Goes West

"If there's any recent film that has dealt with our craze for social media in the most intelligent and assured of ways, it would be Matt Spicer's "Ingrid Goes West.""

Jordan Ruimy ,World of Reel



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Kam Williams

Voted Most Outstanding Journalist of the Decade by the Disilgold Soul Literary Review in 2008, Kam Williams is a syndicated film and book critic who writes for 100+ publications around the U.S. and Canada. He is a member of the...More

Jaime Fa de Lucas

Gabe Leibowitz


Andrew O'Hehir

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American Made
American Made

American Made's fast-and-loose attitude with its real-life story mirrors the cavalier -- and delightfully watchable -- energy Tom Cruise gives off in the leading role.

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87% Blade Runner 2049 332
92% Thor: Ragnarok 307
85% It 292
68% mother! 289
40% Justice League 288

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