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March 21, 2018
If lifetime ever made a syfy thriller, this would be it.
March 19, 2018
I finished the season of Electric Dreams on Amazon Prime of the weekend with a three episode marathon. It convinced me this is one of the best and most important shows of the year. And it is as much "speculative fiction" as science fiction.
Amazon is showing Electric Dreams out of order that the episodes are listed on Wikipedia. Maybe it's just a coincidence, maybe they wanted to split up the politics. The last show, "Kill All Others," is a damning indictment of many things. But especially of complacent voters who let politicians steal their country out from under them.
I can't recommend "Kill All Others" enough. It stars Mel Rodriguez, from Last Man on Earth.
But the other two episodes I saw this weekend were quite good.
One, "Impossible Planet," was actually predictable. But I may have read the story it's based on. Still, a nice little gem.
The other episode, "The Commuter," is just brilliant and heart-rending and touching and all sorts of wonderful things. It may affect me more deeply because I have a child with challenges (which is one of the legs supporting the story). But beyond that, the concept of this episode is so "out there" and different from what you normally see on TV, that it is very memorable.
Anyway, I highly recommend the show Electric Dreams if you have Amazon Prime. it's composed of 10 50-minute episodes. You'll like it.
The first episode on Prime (which is actually episode #5, shown out of order) is called "Real Life." Tune in for that, and you'll know you want to see the rest.
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