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April 16, 2018
tOtally charming and hilarious.
April 15, 2018
This is easily one of the best series I've ever seen... And I have seen A LOT.
Everything is on point in this production. Set design: wonderful. Colors: vivid and ripe with symbolism. Direction is great. The music is simply perfect. Casting... casting is the golden egg of this show. Every single character is perfectly cast and the actors offer a performance that is bursting with talent. This is hands down my favoriteTony Shalhoub's performance. I feel it's almost like they are acting for the very last time, giving every scene an immeasurable amount of aptitude. I have literally watched it over 10 times and I am still completely smitten with Mrs. Meisel's enchanting cast.
It's clear that this show is really special. It's refreshing and unique to have a show depicting a woman so authentically problematic. Her life is falling apart. But she persists and she grows and she bonds and we grow and we bond and we persist right along with her. Did I mention it's invigoratingly funny? This is the story of a strong woman in a male dominated world. I'll never get tired of the hats, sidebar. Mrs. Maisel is truly marvelous.
½ April 8, 2018
Superd dramedy that marks another great entry in Amazon Prime's lineup. Rachel brosnahan is a revelation as the title character, balancing the drama of her life falling apart while discovering her talents as a standup comedian. She has a true presence as a standup as well, and can easily see why she becomes such a sensation (the showrunners wisely layer in the fact she's been doing this for years, including giving a hilarious toast at her own wedding). Brosnahan gets great support from the rest of the cast, particularly Alex Borstein as her sassy manager and the great Tony Shalhoub as her stern but loving father. Behind the camera, creators Amy Sherman-palladino & Daneil palladino craft a great show that captures the look of late 1950's New york and the culture of the time (when Midge informs her parents her husband left her, they actually blame her). It is littered with great references to the Stand up scene at the time, particularly Luke Kirby as the great Lenny Bruce, who becomes instrumental in Midge's career. Just a great series that sets a new standard for Amazon Prime.
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